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CSNA 1268 - NASC 3026                                                                                                        ANA C-71399

Year LXX                                                                                                                                No. 1


Tuesday January 31, 2017

Marie Callender’s Restaurant, 6950 Alvarado Road, San Diego

Available at about 5:15 p.m. with 5:30 p.m. (approx.) Dinner


We are honored to have James Cardinale Hill as our special guest and speaker.  He will present a talk and slide show on Mexican Numismatics.  Mr. Hill is a long-time numismatist, a professional coin dealer for over fifty years, and a civic leader here in San Diego.  Jim founded and is the owner of Treasure Trove and is a certified estate appraiser, licensed auctioneer, and estate liquidator.  This promises to be a very interesting and informative evening.  Our treasurer will be accepting annual membership dues for 2017 – still only $5.

Banquet Notes

We will order from the regular menu and pay individually at Marie Callender’s Restaurant.  We will have our usual expanded raffle.  Marie Callender’s Restaurant is located just west of the intersection of Lake Murray Boulevard and Highway 8.  The restaurant has a large traditional American menu.  They also have a separate banquet room that we will be using.

 DECEMBER QUIZ by Bob Fritsch

Snow is on the ground and we are due to get our first major storm tonight, so we should wake up to a White pre-Christmas. I wish you all the best of the season.

This month is all about European Heraldry, a favorite topic of mine. Have you ever wondered how all those colorful shields are depicted on a monochromatic medium like a medal or coin? It was figured out long ago to use different textures to represent different colors shown below.

Gold   (Or)   Dots

Silver / White  (Argent)  Plain

Blue   (Azure)  Horizontal Lines

Red   (Gules)   Vertical Lines

Green   (Vert)   Diagonal Lines Right

Purple   (Purpure)  Diagonal Lines Left

Black   (Sable)   Horizontal & Vertical Lines (Crosshatch)

This quiz is simple: break out your crayons or colored pencils and color each of these shields below. BONUS: Name the Swiss Cantons represented.