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CSNA 1268 - NASC 3026 ANA C71399

Year XLIX No. 11

Fourth Wednesday, November 23, 2011

North Park Senior Center, 2719 Howard Ave., San Diego

5:45 p.m., Doors Open at About 5:00 p.m.

Topic This Month:

Exonumia – Tokens, Medals, Phone Cards, Financial Paper, etc.

Accordingly to the TAMS Journal (Volume I, No. 1), the term Exonumist was first coined by Russ Rulau.  It’s unclear whether he also coined the term Exonumia.  Regardless, the term Exonumia was invented by numismatists to describe a large number of disparate items. The Macmillan Encyclopedic Dictionary of Numismatics (1982) defines a token as “an object made of metal or another hard substance, which represents value or coin.”  A medal is defined as “a large, usually round object, produced by machinery similar to that used for minting coins, but struck for award, celebration, or commemoration.”  Collecting of phone cards is a relatively new hobby.  Phone Cards represent telephone time which has been paid for in advance. The cards come in various designs and denominations, and are traditionally used on calls made away from the home.  Financial Paper might include stocks, bonds, and privatization vouchers.  Joe Yager is planning to provide us with a talk and PowerPoint presentation entitled “Shooting Medals of the Swiss Confederation”. You’re encouraged to bring any material to show.  We’ll have a raffle.  Invite a friend.

NOVEMBER QUIZ by Bob Fritsch

Joe Yager will be giving the talk on Swiss Shooting Thalers and Medals, one of my favorite areas of collecting.  Refer to Wikipedia ( for the answers to the basic question:  Who designed these Thalers?

1.  Chur, 1842

2.  Bern, 1857

3.  Schaffhausen, 1865

4.  Zurich, 1872

5.  Lausanne, 1876

Schedule of Upcoming Numismatic Events

 11 December – Heartland Coin Show, El Cajon

 Show Schedule Source: Beedon’s California Show List & Coin World

Upcoming Numismatic Topics

December Philippines, Japanese Occupation Areas, Other Far East Islands

OCTOBER QUIZ by Bob Fritsch

This month we will focus on themes and subjects on African Paper Money.  Source is the Standard Catalog of World Paper Money, Modern Issues 1961-Present, 14th Edition.  Match each list to its issuing country

1.  Kudu, caracal, Semien Mountains; Tisisat Waterfalls; Haile Selassie.

2.  Lions, Rhinoceros, Kamwanga Falls, J. Kasavubu.

3.  Kudu, Capt H. Wittbooi, Red Hartebeest.

4.  A.A. Neto, Soldiers in field, Coffee Plantation.

5.  A.S. Toure, J. Broz Tito, Patrice Lumumba.

6.  Camel Caravan, H.G. Aptidon, Female sword dancers.

7.  Q.K.J. Masire, Rearing Zebra (watermark), Worker sorting rough diamonds.

8.  J. Nyerere, Giraffe head, Tire factory, Cape Buffalo

9.  Control Letters E, F, P, C, N, L; Harvesting coffee beans; Baobab Antelopes.

10. M.J. Kenyatta; Rams, giraffe, mountains; Moi International Sports Complex.

COUNTRIES:  Angola, Botswana, Central African States, Congo Democratic Republic, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Guinea, Kenya, Namibia, Tanzania.


1. Ethiopia.  2. Congo Democratic Republic.  3. Namibia.  4. Angola.  5. Guinea.  6. Djibouti.  7. Botswana.  8. Tanzania.  9. Central African States.  10. Kenya.