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CSNA 1268 - NASC 3026                                                                                                                                                                                    ANAC 71399

Year LVII                                                                                                                                                                                                                              No. 2

Fourth Wednesday, February 27, 2019

North Park Senior Center, 2719 Howard Ave., San Diego

6:00 p.m., Doors Open at About 5:30 p.m.

Topic This Month:


Ken Aring – The Napoleonic Period in Europe, East Indies & Latin America

Wars and other emergencies have had significant effects on money and monetary systems.  Disruptions in commerce and government often require use of non-strategic metals, rationing systems and private money.  Militaries frequently have imposed their own economic measures on over-run geographic areas and issued their own money. To the collector all of these factors provide for significant and fascinating opportunities.  Numismatically speaking, money produced under war-time or emergency conditions include:  Treasury warrants, siege pieces, notgeld, bush notes, civil war tokens, hard times tokens, klippe, necessity money, Yellow Seal U.S. notes, Hawaii overprints, jetons, provisional paper money and coinage, and private scrip and tokens.  Ken Aring will be providing us with a slide show as indicated above.  You’re encouraged to bring any material to show.  We’ll have a raffle.  Invite a friend.

Schedule of Upcoming 2019 Numismatic Events

11 May – Heartland Coin Show, Santee

6-8 June – Long Beach Coin, Stamp, Currency and Sports Expo

Show Schedule Source: CoinZip & The California Numismatist

Upcoming 2019 Events

March - British America April - Short Presentations on misc. numismatic topics

May – Non-Metallic Money (Paper, Plastic, Wood, etc.)

June – South Europe  July – South Asia


FEBRUARY QUIZ by Bob Fritsch

WOW! this is the first quiz in three months!  Gotta get back in practice.  And with all the crummy weather you have been experiencing recently, may you and your homes be safe from fire, flood, mudslides, tsunamis and the apocalypse.

It has been a rough couple of months for me too, with back surgery involving spinal stenosis and spinal fusion to correct damage done when I fell down “The Hole” on board ship back in ’76.  Things are healing well and I drove today for the first time in 7 weeks.  And my brain is working again after discontinuing all those wonderful drugs!

War Time is our theme this month.  Here are four medals from my Bovy collection that have war themes or implications.  Your job is to match the description to the medal.

1.  This bridge was built in remembrance of the greatest victory by Napoleon I.

2.  This medal was issued to honor participants in the Franco-Prussian War.  BONUS: What is the significance of the date in the exergue on the obverse?

3.  This medal was issued to commemorate the end of the Crimean War.

4.  Napoleon III participated in this battle then named a bridge for it.


A.  This medal was a continuation of the Republique Française medal originally issued in 1849 and used into the 1970s.  

B.  This is a modern-day strike (the Paris Mint never threw away a die).  The cornucopia has been used since 1880 and BRONZE is self-explanatory.

C.  The edge markings are the privy mark “hand” denoting striking 1845-1860 and CUIVRE for copper.

D.  This is a stock photo of the medal.  All the others are my photography.




Minutes for our November 2018 Meeting were published in the Bulletin for the January Banquet. No minutes were taken for the Banquet.